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I'm sure you have heard the story...Twas the night before Christmas and all thru the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse...but you see (just after putting up our tree), I found there was a mouse stirring in our house! We caught it and I used a snow shovel to remove it and put it outside in a snow pile.

A year later, my parents came across what would become the Best Christmas Present ever...a Charming Tails Mouse...Making Snow Angels! I loved it!  And that's how my love of Decorative Collectibles and eventually Dept 56 Villages began. 

Over the years, we would spend thousands of dollars in every different Village and Accessory we could find. We just love the attention to detail the Buildings, Homes and Accessories the Artisans bring to life. Dept 56 has created a themed Village so everyone can enjoy!

Nowadays, we still Collect and change up our Charming Tails Display Curio with each season but only put out a Smaller Village Display at Christmas, as it has just gotten to be too much for us!

Note: We use this site just for the "hard-core" accessories you need covering such Brands as Dept 56, Byers Choice, Lionel Giftware, Jeka Ewa Pyramidenkerzen Candles for German Pyramids and Crottendorfer Incense for German Made Smokers and/or Nutcrackers

For a more complete shopping experience check out our stores on Amazon at 


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And finally, please understand while we have become Authorized Retailers for many different Brands, we still do Gift Shop Buyouts and occasionally a few Estates from people we have met over the years or even larger Estate  Auctions...Thus once we get this "used" merchandise in, clean it, check it, photograph and list it...we may have on any given day another 1000-3000 pieces that have not yet been listed. Sooooooo if you still can't locate what you are looking for, e-mail us at wendismiller@aol.com...we may have it but just haven't had the chance to get it listed yet!


Jim Wharton / Wendi Miller